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Tahirih: A Portrait in Poetry: Selected Poems of Qurratu'l-'AynAmin Banani

Tahirih: A Portrait in Poetry: Selected Poems of Qurratu'l-'Ayn

Hardcover, pages

Publisher: Kalimat Press ()

ISBN-10: 1890688363

ISBN-13: 9781890688363

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Táhirih's poetry, astonishing and beautiful, stands as a monument to this remarkable 19th-century Iranian woman. Here, Táhirih speaks for herself and proclaims her Cause. Her voice is sometimes triumphant, sometimes heartbreaking--but always irresistible. A spiritual genius, she shocked the entrenched Persian world with her prescient understanding of the modern world. Amin Banani provides an introduction that discusses Táhirih in the context of the literary history of Persia. Well-known to Persian Bahá'ís, these poems are now familiar parts of western Bahá'í Holy Day celebrations and devotional gatherings in their English translations.